Recycling Solution Builder

We offer comprehensive disposal and recycling solutions for all of your unwanted electronic devices and accessories from computers and office equipment to production scrap.  Customers have differing needs so we offer a variety of packages to fit each customer’s needs and budget for electronic waste recycling.

Basic E-Cycling Package

For commercial customers who want:

  • A complete solution for ALL of their unwanted devices
  • Scheduled, on-site collection and transportation to our secure recycling center
  • Assurance that their data-bearing components will be collected and destroyed
  • A low-cost or FREE recycling solution


We offer free recycling for all accepted items, excluding light bulbs.You may deliver your materials to our recycling center without an appointment or, for a small flat fee, we will collect them at your location.

Enhanced E-Cycling Package

For commercial customers who have additional documentation needs including:

  • Certificates of Recycling – to document and certify the amount and type of material collected and recycled
  • Certificates of Destruction – to document and certify the amount and type of material that was dismantled to prevent re-use
  • Certificates of Data Destruction – to document the data-bearing components that were found and destroyed while being recycled


You can elect one or more of the enhanced features in addition to the benefits of our Basic E-Cycling package.A small flat fee applies for each enhancement selected.Contact us for a quote.

Customized E-Cycling Package

For commercial customers who:

  • Have specialty items requiring dismantling and special handling
  • Have material at multiple locations
  • Want on-site data destruction services
  • Would like assistance de-commissioning their data centers


We can put together a program to meet your needs in a convenient, cost-effective fashion.Call our service professionals at +1 (978) 785-6495 to discuss your requirements.


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Comprehensive Recycling


Comprehensive Recycling

img_20We recycle a wide range of computing, telecommunication, and laboratory equipment and related accessories.  In most cases, these items can be recycled free of charge.   A few items require highly specialized processing to safely re-capture hazardous elements such as cadmium, lead, and mercury.   In that case, a small fee will apply.

On-site Collection Service for Commercial Accounts

img_19For commercial customers, we provide a convenient collection service that can be customized according to your specific volume and scheduling needs – all with the reassurance that we’ll be there when we say we will.  Just contact one of our customer service representatives to schedule a pick-up.


Enhanced Business Services


Data Destruction & Peace of Mind

img_13Responsible e-cycling isn’t just about the environment. We believe it is just as important that your data is 100% secure.  Data is found in a variety of media and in an expanding array of products:  computers, servers, telephones, cell phones, flash drives, data tapes, and data disks.  In our secure recycling center, we remove and physically destroy all data-bearing devices, rendering them inoperable.  Even if you remove your own data-bearing components, you can rest assured that you have another level of defense.  We frequently find and destroy a few devices that were overlooked by our customers.

A Certificate of Data Destruction, listing the data-bearing components that were discovered and destroyed, is available as a service option.  A small fee applies for the Certificate.  More about data destruction.

On-Site Data Destruction

img_15Consumer protection laws such as the Health Information Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999  (GLBA) have elevated concerns about potential data loss for many IT professionals in the healthcare and financial services industries.  Because of these concerns, some customers prefer we remove the data-bearing components from their computers and electronic devices at their place of business.  Our field specialists are trained and equipped to perform this service on location using a specially-designed punch press.  A small fee applies for this service option.  Contact us to learn more.


Dismantling and Certificates of Destruction

img_18Manufacturers may have recalled or retired products that they wish to dispose to prevent their re-use for safety or business reasons.  Our cost-effective dismantling service saves them valuable labor time while ensuring that the materials in these products are recycled and properly disposed.  Our team has experience working with a variety of equipment ranging from copiers to medical devices. Once the products are processed, we furnish Certificates of Destruction to document their disposal.

Certificates of Recycling

img_16Asset management and environmental stewardship policies often require documentation to evidence the proper disposal of unwanted assets.  Upon request, we can furnish a Certificate of Recycling, describing the material collected and recycled and affirming their proper disposal.  A small fee applies for this service option.  Contact us to learn more.


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